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A resource for leader development, process design, and generational connectivity.

I'm Lisa

An Executive Coach, Leader Developer, and Process Guru who is passionate about helping transfer knowledge and developing the next generation of leaders.

Did you know that the Baby Boomer retirement peak will most likely take place between 2022-2026? That means that over the next few years the workforce will lose up to 76 million contributors.

Whether we realize it or not, the workforce is about to lose an incredible amount of institutional knowledge.

What if your job isn't to stand by and let this happen? What if it is time to develop young leaders, redesign processes, and transfer knowledge from senior-level team members?

Are you ready to take your organization to the next level?

Let the transformation begin!

Leader Development

Being good at a job does not mean you know how to lead a team. It takes knowledge, practice, and a bit of finesse. Begin a leader transformation today!

New Leader Skill Building
Employee Onboarding
Role and Job Responsibilities
Policy & Procedure Development
Professional Development Planning

Process Design

Sometimes it's impossible to redesign a process, when you are emotionally connected to it. Make the decision to begin redesigning now.

Workflow Development
Process Mapping
Quality and Process Improvement

Knowledge Transfer

Senior leaders don't have time to carefully develop and mentor others, it happens on the fly. Connect with a leader that can give you feedback and help you develop a career plan.

Succession Planning
Knowledge Transfer Planning
Generational Connectivity

Can we work together? 

We do our best work with people who allow us to be part of their team. The more we know about you and your business, the better we can help you reach your goals. We work through challenges, company culture, and build skills. Together we will take people, process, and connection to create a development plan that meets your objectives.
Let's get started!

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